Hydraulic power units

GTA Lombardia is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of customized hydraulic power units, made to satisfy the needs of customers in various industrial sectors. With over 30 years of experience in the hydraulic application field, GTA Lombardia offers flexible and high quality solutions, thanks to the expertise acquired through thousands of applications studied, designed and built.

Our customers can count on responsive support and comprehensive service. Starting from the design phase to commissioning and post-production service.

Personalized solutions

GTA Lombardia provides in-depth consultations to its clients, ensuring to fully understand the specific needs of each project. Hydraulic power plants are built to customer specifications and requirements, ensuring maximum performance and high energy efficiency, reliability and quiet operation.

Thanks to our expertise and the wide range of options available, GTA Lombardy offers customized solutions for a variety of applications, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.
In addition, the company provides additional services such as on-site installation of hydraulic power plants, system start-up and flushing service, ensuring a complete experience for its customers.

The goal of GTA Lombardia is to supply high quality hydraulic power plants, built according to international standards, regulations and certifications.

Each control unit is 100% tested and proven at the company's headquarters to ensure maximum reliability and safety.

Our range covers any performance of power, range and capacity:

  •     powers over 200 kW per single motor
  •     pressures up to 700 bar
  •     flow rates over 500 l/min for each pump
  •     tanks over 4000 Lt.


We also have a very wide range of standard, compact and totally customizable power packs, with pressed or welded sheet metal tanks up to 250 Lt and aluminum tanks up to 70 Lt.

GTA Lombardia puts its experience at your service.

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