Compact power units

GTA Lombardia is a leader in the production and assembly of compact modular mini manifolds.
Starting from a die-cast aluminum or solid steel manifold, we can make thousands of combinations suitable for any type of application, whether in the mobile or industrial field.

For any requirement

With our warehouse boasting more than 10,000 unique part numbers including manifolds, tanks, modular valves, directional valves, cartridges, distributors, pumps and dedicated accessories, we are able to meet prompt deliveries throughout the country and internationally.

Our range covers all the demand in the world of compact power units:

  •     powers up to 7.5 kW in both AC and DC
  •     pressures up to 300 bar
  •     flow rates up to 50 l/min
  •     reservoirs up to 250 Lt.



Ease installation, maintenance and reliability make our power units a central focus of GTA Lombardia.
Each power unit is 100% tested and inspected, thus reducing the possibility of failure and having a certificate of testing that has taken place.

In addition, taking advantage of our 30 years of know-how, we can make dedicated modules for specific customer needs that cannot be answered by drawing from the normal distribution on the market.

GTA Lombardia puts its experience at your service.

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