About Us

At our customers’ side for over 30 years

Established by an Italian manufacturer of components, we now have over 35 employees, 2 operating offices and - for over 30 years now - a steady presence in Italian and international markets.

Experience and reliability are the values underpinning our daily work. We offer products and services in the Industrial and Mobile sectors, with expertise that covers all the needs of the hydraulic sector: from the supply of components to technical-commercial consulting, from the design and construction of hydraulic power units (including complex ones), up to pre- and post-sale support.

Markets: our daily work

Considerable experience in all the main Hydraulic Sectors

We manufacture Hydraulic Power Units (with various power levels) for the widest range of Applications; we distribute hydraulic components of the best brands and we produce power plants, systems and power units for the two major sectors in which we operate: Industrial and Mobile.

We operate on the Italian and international markets, designing and manufacturing custom-made hydraulic systems, working in partnership with our customers and always with a view to problem solving. This is a distinguishing feature of our modus operandi which, over the years, has led us to increasingly organise our workforce in this direction - a trait our interlocutors recognise the value of.

60% Industry

40% Mobile

Our Offer

Components, Systems, Design, Experience and Problem solving

Thanks to our broad offer, which ranges from the creation of power packs and complex systems (made to design specifications) to technical sales consulting, including full or joint design and the supply of hydraulic components of the best brands, we can cover every need in the hydraulic sector and professionally and continuously guarantee every phase of project development, from the initial technical analysis to post-sales support.

This complete offer makes us a strategic partner for any manufacturer or contractor who needs to develop hydraulic systems and components, however complex, and who needs expert support before, during and after the execution and construction of any project in the hydraulic field.



We have always collaborated with the best brands and marketed their components, choosing with care, to guide our customers and help them select the best products for the applications and types of projects they are working on.

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The Technical Office of GTA LOMBARDIA SRL can carry out specific studies for the construction of power packs and hydraulic systems that respond exactly to the customer’s needs.

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Our products and our projects, studied and created in synergy with our partners and customers, serve several industries and sectors (agricultural, industrial and mobile).

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Invest to grow

Training and valorisation of human capital

One of the distinguishing features of our company is the valorisation of human capital. This value spans beyond training and is based on a path of growth and continuity that has allowed us, over the years, to grow and stabilise our Company while maintaining it always young and innovative.

Experience was passed down through this natural, generational transition that also successfully retained our company’s innovative and original outlook. With this unquestionable advantage we can, in the present day and age, confidently face market challenges and technological evolution in a world that is always in motion.


Active collaboration and transversal skills to help our customers achieve their goals

Operating in partnership with our customers is our daily work. Everything starts with a need or an idea, which then turns into a project, until it becomes a system, a product or a plant. This is our strength: the ability to understand the needs of our customers and to operate jointly with them, accompanying them throughout the production phases until the established objectives are achieved.

This strength is fuelled by our long experience, by the expertise of our technicians and salesmen, and by the ability of new generations to bring innovation and fresh ideas to this sector, which has always been our greatest passion.