Hydraulic manifolds

From the very beginning, GTA Lombardia, has pushed its knowledge in the direction of designing and manufacturing hydraulic manifolds.

Hydraulic manifolds, or hydraulic blocks, are key components in hydraulic systems and are used in a wide range of industrial and mobile applications. They play a crucial role in controlling and regulating the flow of hydraulic fluid, enabling safe and efficient operation of machines and systems.

A hydraulic manifold is essentially a series of valves, hoses and fittings mounted on a plate or block that allows the controlled flow of oil within an integrated system. The manifold is designed and constructed to meet the specific requirements of the application and can be made from a variety of materials, such as carbon steel or cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, Ergal, and various metal alloys, depending on strength and durability needs.


One of the main advantages of hydraulic manifolds is their ability to centralize and simplify the hydraulic system. By bringing together several valves and components in one place, manifolds reduce the complexity and number of connections in the system. This simplifies installation, maintenance and repair, while also reducing the risk of leakage or failure due to disconnected or faulty connections.

Hydraulic manifolds also allow for greater flexibility and control of the system. Valves mounted on the manifold can be configured to control the flow, pressure, direction, and other variables of the hydraulic fluid. This allows operators to customize the systemaccording  to the specific needs of the application, such as adjusting the speed of a hydraulic cylinder or controlling the sequence of operation of a machine.

Hydraulic manifolds are designed to provide maximum performance in the smallest space while ensuring system reliability and safety.


Hydraulic manifolds are used in a wide range of industries and applications. They are widely used in the manufacturing industry to control machine tools, hydraulic presses, material handling systems, sheet metal processing, and more. They are also used in mobile applications, such as agricultural machinery, heavy vehicles, and construction equipment, where a wide range of valving is required in a small amount of available space, such as of lifting, steering, braking systems, and many others.

Thanks to their versatility and functionality, hydraulic manifolds are very used in many industrial and mobile applications.
GTA Lombardia creates the best custom-made integrated circuit (according to the application and functionality) to be developed through the construction of a hydraulic manifold.

We have 3D software available to help us achieve unique performance, maximum reliability and safety in all stages of design and implementation.

Our realizations have achieved:

  •     pressures up to 700 bar
  •     flow rates over 5000 l/min


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